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  • **Just sold** Very well preserved Baritone Saxophone SELMER Paris Super Action 80, low A and high F# – 1st hand

    Why Super Action 80 and the reference to Mark VI, you’re probably wondering.

    SELMER built the Mark VI baritone saxophone until the 1980s. There were a few Mark VII prototypes as a baritone saxophone, but from 1981 it was sold as the “Super Action 80”.

    The tone hole grid is identical to that of the Mark VI baritone saxophones, except for the tone holes of high-E and high-F. Sleeves were inserted into the tone holes of high-E and high-F to adjust the intonation. The neck is slightly changed, otherwise the SELMER baritone saxophones of the first Super Action 80 series are identical to the SELMER Mark VI.

    This really attractive specimen has a beautiful charisma. The gold lacquer has darkened a bit and gives the saxophone something special.

    This Super Action 80 baritone saxophone has only had one owner who has always treated it well. The lacquer is still almost completely preserved, there are very few small scratches here and there and apart from a few small dents there is no other damage. A bracket to protect the deep-Bb key was re-soldered in the past, there the lacquer is a bit burnt, which does not really diminish the beautiful appearance of this SELMER Bari!

    Technically, this Bari is in flawless condition. We have just checked it out and fine-tuned it in our SAXOPHONIC workshop.

    1 year SAXOPHONIC warranty
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    Henri SELMER Paris


    Baritone Saxophone




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