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Welcome to SAXOPHONIC -
passion & profession!

Great to have you here!

SAXOPHONIC is a world created from passion, dedication and professionality since opening on 25 November 2006.

Over the years we have grown into an enchanting and close-knit Team with a wide range of services and specialist skills all in the service of your joie de Saxophone.

A guiding star shines brightly over our mission.

  • We share our expert Saxophone knowledge and ability with passion!
  • We provide people with a sensory-aesthetic matchmaking experience between the person and the Saxophone!
  • We expose people to a uniquely personal Saxophone experience!
  • We help people to preserve the ideal and material value of their favorite instrument!

We invite you cordially to start your journey into the world of SAXOPHONIC, your “home” in everything Saxophonic.

Demanding and on-point