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    My first Sax-love was a SELMER.
    And this love is still burning today!

    You’re looking for a SELMER Saxophone? With us, you’re guaranteed to make a find. In our SELMER PRO Shop, we provide you with a wide array of current SELMER models, affectionately restored Legendary Saxophones and also special SELMER Limited Editions.

    Why SELMER?

    What makes Saxophones manufactured by Henri SELMER so impressive is their unique quality and intrinsic value. The exclusivity, high level of quality, longevity and soul of these wonderful instruments guarantee that even with the passing of years, every SELMER Saxophone owner can look forward to experiencing not only value preservation, but a value increase as well.




    We see ourselves as Saxophone playing-partners and intermediaries. In our SAXOPHONIC – SELMER Pro Shop we give you the ‒ completely exclusive ‒ opportunity, relaxed and at your own leisure, to get a taste of, test and purchase our exquisite SELMER specialties. Savor with us in the SAXOPHONIC Café Lounge a tasty Cappuccino. Allow the laid-back atmosphere in our SAXOPHONIC – SELMER Pro Shop to assist you in finding the Saxophone destined just for you.

    SAXOPHONIC, a SELMER Pro Shop pace-setter!

    Consultation appointment

    Whether you’re a beginner, hobby Saxophonist or professional ‒ it doesn’t matter to us. Consider yourself cordially welcomed! Our two, expansive and beautiful practice rooms are at your exclusive disposal in our Shop. And we are also happy to give you online advice with full sonoric enjoyment.

    We, as the SAXOPHONIC Team understand individual consultation to mean that we listen to exactly what it is that you want, and together with you find the Instrument that satisfies your wishes.

    For the tones in you