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    We often receive such marvelous feedback from our customers that we feel deeply touched and are made very happy! Personally, by email, over Facebook or via Google.

    We would very much like to share this with you. And to this end, you will find Testimonials in different sections of our page.

    And now, you too have the opportunity to have your voice heard.

    What would you like to say here to us and others browsing through the site regarding SAXOPHONIC, Legendary Saxophones by Saxophonic, Reiner, Marion or the Team?

    Long time no see, but the trip to your shop is always worthwhile. My first address for expertise in the sector! Also to be recommended are the Workshops for the different technical skills and levels of knowledge.

    Klaus (über Facebook)

    An incredible shop for professionals! Along with the broad selection of instruments and expert consultation, single booths are available for trying everything out in peace.

    The Espresso tastes good too.

    Hayrapet A., Signum Quartett (über Google)

    Dear Reiner,

    my thanks go naturally out to you! I am overjoyed to have had the possibility to try out so many one-of-a-kinds and find out which one best fits with me. Your feedbacks made me very happy because they really helped me to make a choice.

    Continue doing what you’re doing with what you’ve built up there! It‘s really a great thing, and I’m recommending it to all the Saxophonists I know.

    Kenny (Oberwil-Lieli, Schweiz)

    The visit to Saxophonic was a complete surprise; I have never before experienced a beautiful and relaxed day in a music store like the one I spent at Saxophonic………………..It’s like going to a chamber play at the theater and participating in the performance yourself – that’s something that leaves behind its marks forever. My thanks go out to you, Reiner!

    Peter (über Google)

    Hey, that was SUPER. Thanks to the Saxophonic team and especially to Noah Fischer and Selmer. Noah Fischer was a real adventure… a small, fine concert and many, many, many explanations and tips. A very special event for me.

    Walter aus Duisburg (über Facebook)

    Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.


    I have had my refurbished Super Action 80 Tenor from 1982 for a week now. Together with the Gottsu Sepia Tone that Reiner recommended to me, I have a tone that I never had and would have thought possible. The low notes come with a lightness and are so warm and rich. Simply brilliant. For the first time I have a real Selmer sound. Thank you very much Reiner. I am addicted to my horn.


    Dear Reiner, dear Marion,
    Not only do you support my craziness and I now own two beautiful horns, but I was also allowed to participate in a great and professional workshop by Dr. Keidel. It was great and I felt included at all times, despite the different levels of play. Dear photograph, thank you for the cool pictures and the absolute unobtrusiveness.

    Looking forward to my next workshop with you.


    Once again, a very successful event. The workshop with Noah Fischer has brought me a lot of progess again. Many thanks again to you and your team for the excellent support and the excellent cappuccino. Staying with you is a highlighte time.

    Werner aus Wegberg

    Dear Reiner,

    heartfelt thanks for everything!! I am extremely overjoyed with the SBA.
    I can’t praise you enough. The way you revised the instrument, helped me when testing it, picked me up all the way at the train station, your incredible expertise and the finest nuances you detect in the sound. And naturally your sympathetic and honest manner.

    I hope I can manage to make it your way again. It’s really worth the trip.

    Rafael (Zürich, Schweiz)