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    "TUBAX" by Benedikt Eppelsheim
    Contrabass Saxophone

    A truly extraordinary saxophone in our saxophone store - The "TUBAX" contrabass saxophone by Eppelsheim Munich.

    Learn more here about this used, very well-maintained TUBAX contrabass saxophone from the Munich saxophone manufacturer Benedikt Eppelsheim in excellent condition.

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    With us you’ll find your Saxophone – that’s our passion.

    We know that the bond between person and instrument is sensitive and very personal. And “personal” is very much how we see our relationship with you. We cordially welcome you into the world of SAXOPHONIC, your "home" for Saxophones.

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    You are a SELMER aficionado, collector of historical instruments, ambitioned Saxophone player or professional looking for THE special Saxophone? Come rummage in the world’s biggest selection of SELMER Vintage Saxophones!

    Looking for THE special Saxophone? Here in the world’s biggest selection of SELMER Vintage Saxophones!

    Legendary Saxophones

    NEW: Effective immediately, we are offering you also a sonorous Online Consulting via video conferencing from the SAXOPHONIC studio. Simply make an appointment, tell us your counselling concerns, and we will provide you with your choice, online and in the comfort of your home!

    NEW: Effective immediately via video conferencing from the SAXOPHONIC studio.


    In the SELMER PRO Shop we offer you a wide assortment of current SELMER models, affectionately restored Legendary Saxophones and also SELMER Limited Editions.

    Wide assortment of affectionately restored Legendary Saxophones and also SELMER Limited Editions.

    Selmer Pro Shop

    In our Shop you’ll find Saxophones in all current sizes and models for every level of playing. A Saxophone is as individual as a personality – come and meet your Saxophone.

    All current sizes and models for every level of playing. Come and meet your Saxophone!



    All-round service

    We live for making you feel well looked-after, inspired, advised and cared-for.

    In our SELMER-authorized specialist workshop you can take advantage of any number of the most diverse workshop services. For SELMER Saxophones and also Saxophones from many other manufacturers. We support you in the restoration and value preservation of your Saxophone.

    SELMER-authorized specialist workshop you can take advantage of any number of the most diverse workshop services.


    You are in possession of a Saxophone you’d like to relinquish? Let us know. We’ll assist you in value determination, and in many cases, we’ll make you a fair purchase offer.

    We’ll assist you in value determination, and in many cases, we’ll make you a fair purchase offer.


    You always wanted to play a Saxophone to see if it’s the instrument for you? Sax-tryout gives you all you need for your first Sax experience ‒ from Saxophone basics to consumable materials. You’ll feel it.

    Saxophone? You always wanted to play a Saxophone to see if it’s the instrument for you? Find out with us - you'll feel it.


    That's what you say about us

    I have had my refurbished Super Action 80 Tenor from 1982 for a week now. Together with the Gottsu Sepia Tone that Reiner recommended to me, I have a tone that I never had and would have thought possible. The low notes come with a lightness and are so warm and rich. Simply brilliant. For the first time I have a real Selmer sound. Thank you very much Reiner. I am addicted to my horn.


    Thank you for this great afternoon and evening with you.
    I learned a lot and put it into practice right away. I am still very enthusiastic about your event, your guests and of course Noah Fischer.
    Last but not least, the great pictures of Felix will remain in my memory.

    Wolfgang aus Moers

    Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.


    Once again, a very successful event. The workshop with Noah Fischer has brought me a lot of progess again. Many thanks again to you and your team for the excellent support and the excellent cappuccino. Staying with you is a highlighte time.

    Werner aus Wegberg

    That was awesome! Thanks for the great experience!

    Thorsten aus Neukirchen-Vluyn (über Facebook)

    Hey, that was SUPER. Thanks to the Saxophonic team and especially to Noah Fischer and Selmer. Noah Fischer was a real adventure… a small, fine concert and many, many, many explanations and tips. A very special event for me.

    Walter aus Duisburg (über Facebook)

    … very quickly I realised that the best way to achieve my goal of playing freely and improvising was to “be myself”. I can only recommend this SaxWS to everyone…


    Finding one’s own flow was probably a big challenge. But it was an impressive experience how Jonas picked up each of the participants with didactic skill, took away their fears and made them play freely. Harmonious, beneficial… People who had never seen each other before suddenly played the saxophone harmoniously, freely. It was great, I learned so much.


    Thank you very much for the refreshing workshop. It was amazing how well the very different participants came together. The atmosphere in your shop, between all those super saxophones, is simply unbeatable. Thanks also to the speaker, who was able to prove his teaching talent once again.


    A great workshop with a very sympathetic lecturer, Dr. Matthias Keidel. I’d love to come back.


    I got further in one single tryout session at Saxophonic than in 40 years of desperate travel-cost-intensive searching.

    Peter, ehemaliger WDR Saxophonist

    It was my second path that took me to Saxophonic, the first I could really have done without… the start on this path was made more than easy for me by the Saxophonic Team (Reiner, Marion and the sympathetic photographer Felix)! Already just the selection of the Saxophone was a pleasure, I recommend it for everybody!”


    As soon as I entered this fantastic shop, a really special Saxophone caught my eye.


    Following your certified overhaul of my Horn, dear Reiner, the response is lighter and even more gentle – fantastic job, many, many thanks!!!

    Christian aus Wesel

    An incredible shop for professionals! Along with the broad selection of instruments and expert consultation, single booths are available for trying everything out in peace.

    The Espresso tastes good too.

    Hayrapet A., Signum Quartett (über Google)

    The visit to Saxophonic was a complete surprise; I have never before experienced a beautiful and relaxed day in a music store like the one I spent at Saxophonic………………..It’s like going to a chamber play at the theater and participating in the performance yourself – that’s something that leaves behind its marks forever. My thanks go out to you, Reiner!

    Peter (über Google)

    Super selection, support, service.

    R. (über Google)

    Outstanding unassertive consultation. Great atmosphere. Beautiful instruments and 1a service offers. Absolutely thrilled.

    Christian (über Google)

    I can’t thank Reiner and his Team enough for a magnificent Selmer Mark VI. Reiner took the time to guide me through the highlights of his incredible inventory of over 150 Vintage Selmers and place my unique instrument in a proper context. The only thing that matches your passion is the love for detail and quality of the work you dedicate to the instrument. Top quality! There is no higher recommendation…

    Chris (über Google)

    Long time no see, but the trip to your shop is always worthwhile. My first address for expertise in the sector! Also to be recommended are the Workshops for the different technical skills and levels of knowledge.

    Klaus (über Facebook)

    I am so glad I found you! … pulled in lots of offers, but never got such good and honest advice as yours. That’s why I finally took the chance and am now elated and happy about the new world that just opened up for me. Can it really be so easy? Finally, I have all the notes …


    Hello Rainer, this is truly a sensational Horn. Likely the best MK 6 I ever had. Thanks to your general overhaul, it plays almost by itself.


    Absolutely unique worldwide!
    + TOP service, a cooperative and cordial dealer who reserves time for his customers

    + Possibly the widest selection worldwide of Mark VI instruments and other modern top-notch Saxophones

    + Every instrument is in perfect condition

    + Very affordable prices compared to other dealerships selling Mark VI instruments.


    I completely forgot to say thank you for this interesting and great workshop: Well, thank you for organising it so well. I think you are not only an important shop for saxophones and accessories, you have really become a centre for promotion and further education for saxophonists, with your workshops and your newsletter.


    Many thanks for the very good and competent advice and the truly large selection of Selmer Saxophones. As an ambitioned hobby Saxophonist, I was able here and at my own leisure to play through a wide assortment and find “my” Saxophone. Reiner was right there at my side with patience to spare and the best expert advice imaginable. I can only say that this shop is the one to go to, and I look forward to returning.


    Super-fast help, excellent consultation, great service.

    Alexander (via Google)

    I wanted to express my gratitude. After your good advice, I purchased a Selmer MK VI which gives me great enjoyment. It’s always a pleasure to come to your shop because the offers are reliable and the pricing for trade-in instruments is fair. And naturally the atmosphere and cappuccino should not go unmentioned

    Adalbert (Köln)

    Hello Reiner,

    my wife and I were just at your shop and were given a really great introduction. Your charming and unassertive manner was a true reflection of your top-quality consulting. We both felt completely at ease and well-looked-after. For me, a dream came true, and you played a substantial role in that. It was really an experience to remember, and we are already looking forward to seeing you when we visit your workshop again. So once more, we extend our greatest thanks and also our kindest regards.



    Dear people from Saxophonic, heartfelt thanks for the fantastic job you did of overhauling my Mark 6! Nothing is for free, but you deliver what you promise, and top quality at that.

    The Horn was janky, but now plays like new. Tight mechanics and light response and anyway tight.

    Kudos for the team and, again, thanks.


    Dear Reiner, once again, thank you very much for the great day I had at your shop. The opportunity to test so many fascinatingly diverse Vintage Selmers all at once is a dream! That was definitely my Corona highpoint!
    The Horn is super – I can’t wait for the first gig.


    Thank you once again for the very warm hospitality in your shop. By far the most beautiful shop I’ve ever been in……you have something to by quite proud of…my complements!!!! Jonas and I both noticed that all of the horns have been superbly overhauled……Great job!

    Mathias & Jonas (Seligenstadt)

    I bought my Mark VI Alto with high F# key at Reiner’s because everything surrounding service and sales was uniquely good. After enjoying a delicious coffee, I was able to try out ca. 15 top-notch Selmer and Yanagisawa Saxophones in the practice rooms with a wonderful view. When I felt an adjustment of the mechanics was needed, Reiner took care of it with expertise, or advised me superbly in response to my questions concerning the different Saxophones. All in all, the visit to Neukirchen-Vluyn was worth the trip if only for the tastefully outfitted establishment and fantastic service. My gratitude goes out to the whole Saxophonic Team for my wonderful new Saxophone.


    Dear Reiner,

    heartfelt thanks for everything!! I am extremely overjoyed with the SBA.
    I can’t praise you enough. The way you revised the instrument, helped me when testing it, picked me up all the way at the train station, your incredible expertise and the finest nuances you detect in the sound. And naturally your sympathetic and honest manner.

    I hope I can manage to make it your way again. It’s really worth the trip.

    Rafael (Zürich, Schweiz)

    Dear Reiner,

    my thanks go naturally out to you! I am overjoyed to have had the possibility to try out so many one-of-a-kinds and find out which one best fits with me. Your feedbacks made me very happy because they really helped me to make a choice.

    Continue doing what you’re doing with what you’ve built up there! It‘s really a great thing, and I’m recommending it to all the Saxophonists I know.

    Kenny (Oberwil-Lieli, Schweiz)

    Tolle Leute, die mit Leidenschaft die Welt ein bisschen besser machen wollen!
    Hervorragendes Konzept, um Musiker auf jedem Niveau mit Profis zusammenzubringen – mit sofortiger Verbesserung der individuellen Sounds! Neben dem Austausch von technischen Fertigkeiten war es einfach eine großartige, inspirierende Session.


    The tone of this horn is full of silky character and soul,
    this sax is a great player, the overhaul work you have done is excellent,
    the action plays super fast and the notes flow from this baby !!

    Many, many thanks to you

    Tom (Kent, Great Britain)


    We’re more than a Saxophone dealership – we see ourself also as a haven for support and tutoring, contacts and community..

    With inspirational professional Saxophonists on a variety of topics, you’ll find here exciting Live and Online Workshops in weekend, daily and half-day formats..

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