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    Since 2006 we have been repairing and overhauling Saxophones of Henri SELMER Paris and other brands, insofar as our workshop services stand in an adequate proportion to the value of the Saxophone.

    If repair is simply no longer worthwhile, we will inform you as much.

    In our Workshop you can avail yourself of the following workshop services:

    • Cleaning – clean through and through
    • Reconstruction – old treasures in a new sound
    • General Overhaul & SAXOPHONIC Premium General Overhaul – that special service for your Saxophone, because friendships need to be cultivated
    • Inspection/adjustment – good music is also a matter of tuning
    • Repair – dedication and professionalism united
    • Correction of fall damages – sh*t happens when things get too exuberant
    • Gravures – the refined cut that confers personality!
    • Individual customization – and special wishes can indeed come true
    • Replace the lost and used – renewed and intact simply runs better
    • Issuance of expert opinions – your passion on the test bench
    The artisan’s passion is audible.


    Top-quality artisanship often provides substantiation for sale and resale.

    Our General Overhaul, Premium General Overhaul and new acquisition all come with the appropriate certification.

    For all Saxophones we restore, this certificate documents SAXOPHONIC’s affectionate and high-quality artisanship. And as a matter of course, all instruments leave our specialist workshop fine-tuned.

    When your instrument is in use, it is important that over the years it is thoroughly and regularly looked after. This is why we recommend our overhaul services.

    Prolong your joy with your playing partner!

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    In order to assure you of a smooth Workshop sequence as well as to provide an undisturbed advisory experience in our Shop, we have systematized our Workshop services. Moreover, we want to make planning easier for both you and us.

    We therefore make a distinction between general workshop services and immediate repair.

    General workshop services are done subsequent to inspection of the instrument and appointment allocation!

    What do general workshop services include?

    • General overhauls
    • Premium general overhauls
    • Reconstructions/restorations
    • Inspections
    • Repairs
    • Fall damages
    • Adjustments
    • Cleanings
    • Individual customization

    Readiness to undertake immediate repairs is fundamental. Immediate repairs are minor tasks we are glad to provide quickly and without complication.

    What are immediate repairs for us?

    • Small-scale adjustments
    • Replacement of minor losses
    • Neck cork replacement
    • Neck adjustment

    Sometimes all of the requirements cannot be assessed by prior visual inspection.

    Occasionally the workshop process yields a new perspective, for example, when an immediate repair turns into a general workshop service. It may turn out that the proposed solution is simply not enough.

    Since we wish to be true to your regarding our assurance of quality, and because we are dealing with a premium product, we have different solutions on offer when target dates need rescheduling:

    • a loan instrument when available
    • professional, insured return shipment
    • interim solution

    Exception: In real cases of emergency — at our discretion and depending on capacity — we will also make a workshop service possible as an immediate solution.

    What are real emergencies: You have a performance and your fundamentally well looked after instrument suffers a fall – for example.


    Here we’d like to give you both of our printable Workshop toGo boxes with self-help instructions for minor repair expenditure including videos und tutorials on several diverse topics:

    • Open-standing octave key
    • Keys that smack
    • GIS coupling adjustment
    • Handling the neck
    • Snap the spring in
    • Replace minor cork loss
    • Cleaning the mouthpiece
    • Store the Saxophone securely

    Knowing how makes it easy!

    We wish you an easy and joyfully resonating life.

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