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  • Baritone Saxophone Yanagisawa WO-10 Elite

    The new baritone saxophone by YANAGISAWA B-WO10 Elite made of refined brass, successor of the well-known B-991

    The saxophone specialists from Japan. Founded in 1893, Yanagisawa introduced the first tenor saxophone in 1954 and has been one of the best and most innovative woodwind instrument makers in the world ever since. Musicians of all styles appreciate these first-class instruments. All Yanagisawa saxophones come with a case and handmade rubber mouthpiece.

    Elite Model
    Brass body and keys
    High F# key
    Low A key
    C#/Bb and B/C# keys
    Double tips on the low keys
    Bell and loop screwed together
    Hand engraving on the bell
    Gold lacquered
    Case with outside pocket and 2 wheels



    Baritone Saxophone




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