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  • Tenor Saxophone Henri SELMER Paris Signature, dark gold lacquer

    The SELMER Signature Tenor Saxophone is the renewal of the SELMER Series III Tenor, which has been appreciated by numerous saxophonists since its introduction thanks to its acoustic qualities and ergonomic comfort. It is characterised by excellent precision of intonation and a sound that fills the room. Its ergonomics supports players regardless of playing level and musical genre. Last but not least, it benefits from the latest innovations of the Supreme Saxophone by Henri SELMER Paris: a new 3-point neck receiver for better sound homogeneity and sound density as well as an octave mechanism mounted on Teflon.

    The Art Deco-style engraving on body and bell pays homage to centuries-old instrument-making techniques passed down from generation to generation in the SELMER factory in Mantes-la-Ville.

    – Tenor saxophone in Bb
    – modern signature case with backpack set
    – SELMER Concept mouthpiece
    – enlarged neck receiver
    – increased sonority and projection
    – concentric 3-point neck receiver
    – adjustable neck clamping ring
    – octave mechanism with Teflon bearings
    – leather pads with metal resonators
    – metal thumb rest for left and right hand
    – exclusive Art Déco engraving
    – exclusive accessories



    Henri SELMER Paris


    Tenor Saxophone


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