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  • Tenor Saxophone Henri SELMER Paris SUPREME, gold-plated with engraving

    Tradition and modernity in one saxophone

    World novelty! The new Henri SELMER Paris SUPREME tenor saxophone combines the flexibility and feeling of lightness of the famous SELMER Mark VI with the precision and accuracy of intonation of modern saxophones.

    It has impressive power and a very expressive lyricism. Thanks to a redistribution
    of the balance and the compact ergonomics, it gives a feeling of great agility
    and the new bore and geometry of the tone holes manifest themselves in strong tonal flexibility and suppleness.

    • Tenor saxophone in Bb, gold-plated
    • modern SUPREME Case with backpack set
    • Mouthpiece SELMER Concept
    • strong projection thanks to enlarged hole on neck
    • new bore and tone hole scale
    • completely opimised ergonomics
    • adjustable, concentric 3-point neck mount
    • neck ring made of nickel silver
    • directly coupled driver for right hand F#/F
    • octave mechanism with Teflon bearings
    • little finger mechanism, left hand with new joint lever
    • leather pads with special resonators without rivets
    • metal thumb rests for left and right hand
    • exclusive accessories



    Henri SELMER Paris




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