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  • Tenor Saxophone Henri SELMER Paris “Axos”, set

    The newly released SELMER tenor saxophone “AXOS” (Market Launch 15.1.2021) offers dedicated hobby musicians and semi-professionals alike a good introduction to the SELMER world. Developed with the experience gained over several generations in saxophone construction, the typical SELMER characteristics of sound, ergonomics and quality are guaranteed. All parts that influence the sound, such as the body, the knee/cup and the S-bow, are handcrafted in the traditional manner at the SELMER factory in Mantes la Ville near Paris. Finished with a slightly darker gold lacquer and a beautiful floral hand engraving, the new AXOS also offers something for the eye. Its round tone has plenty of warmth, offers beautiful overtones and is nicely balanced across the entire sound spectrum. Typically SELMER…

    • Tenor saxophone in Bb
    • high F# key
    • rocker low Bb
    • gold lacquer with handmade engraving
    • leather pads with sound optimized metal resonators
    • Axos Light cas with backpack set
    • mouthpiece SELMER S80 C*
    • Accessories



    Henri SELMER Paris


    Tenor Saxophone


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