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  • Mouthpiece Henri SELMER Paris Soloist C* for Tenor Saxophone

    The Soloist mouthpiece had its birth in the 50s and became one of the most played models of that time. As one of the few mouthpieces with a horseshoe-shaped chamber, it combines the styles of jazz and classical in a very elegant way and is thus in the direct tonal tradition of the 50s. The sound is rich and easy to modulate. The articulation, especially of the low register, is precise and the treble is of particular clarity. The warm and round tone remains centred and homogeneous and its comfortable playability still makes it the preferred mouthpiece for saxophonists after more than half a century.

    Rich sound

    Sound tradition of the 50s

    Warm jazz sound

    “Horse-shoe” chamber

    Can be used in all styles

    Tip opening: 1,80 mm

    Facing length: 27 mm



    Henri SELMER Paris




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