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  • Mouthpiece Henri SELMER Paris Concept for Soprano Saxophone

    The elegant design of the Concept mouthpieces magically attracts the eye. But it is not only on the outside that new ground has been broken; the Concept also has strong acoustic arguments. Increased blowing resistance makes it effortlessly controllable even in extreme dynamic ranges. The Concept has a very rich sound. Especially in the high register, the projection has been significantly increased. The slimmer low register makes it one of the most homogeneous mouthpieces available. The Concept is especially interesting for the classical saxophone and has spread quite quickly in this segment. At the same time, this mouthpiece stands for ultimate production technologies: In contrast to the S80 or S90 series, there is no subsequent machining by hand at all. It is manufactured exclusively with the most modern machines and has a consistency never before achieved in saxophone mouthpieces.

    Rich, flexible sound

    Strong projection in the high register, slender in the low register

    Effortless control of dynamics

    Round chamber

    Tip opening: 1.06 mm

    Facing length: 21 mm



    Henri SELMER Paris




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