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  • Mouthpiece Henri SELMER Paris, Claude Delangle for Alto Saxophone

    This revolutionary bimaterial with its unique sonoric qualities exemplifies the ongoing pursuit of Henri SELMER Paris to continuously improve its products. This natural rubber mouthpiece was developed in close cooperation with Prof. Claude Delangle and is based on the latest developments in the Concept Mouthpiece family. The gold-plated metal ring spans the entire bore and effectuates a tighter and richer sound with increased projection. The acoustic performance of the new “Claude Delangle” mouthpiece will be a joy not only for the Saxophone player, but for the audience as well.

    Bimaterial Mouthpiece with gold-plated metal ring
    Round chamber
    Heightened projection
    Full sound
    Design by Henri SELMER Paris
    Tip opening: 1,65 mm
    Facing length: 24 mm



    Henri SELMER Paris




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