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  • ***just sold*** Cool Vintage Baritone Saxophone Keilwerth Toneking, low A, former professional Saxophone

    This Keilwerth Baritone Saxophone comes from the traditional German Saxophone manufacturer Julius Keilwerth and was produced around 1976. It was newly acquired by the sole owner and used professionally. His first instrument was the Alto Saxophone.
    Shortly before his death, the owner had it overhauled again, so that the pads are still in very good condition. We are currently carrying out a fine adjustment in our SAXOPHONIC Workshop and are also optimizing the key openings.

    All in all, this Bari is still in good condition: the bow (the lower arch) has not yet suffered any falls, there are only a few small dents. The lacquer is still mostly well preserved, although no longer present on the neck.

    This is a great opportunity to get a low-A Baritone Saxophone at a good price.

    Feel free to come by and give it a try. But please make an appointment first.

    Price: € 2,850– incl. case and 1-year SAXOPHONIC warranty.



    Baritone Saxophone




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