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  • Alto Saxophone Jupiter 700 SCS Coach Set

    The SaxCoachSet includes the following additional accessories:

    1x Pop Saxophone School plus Play-Along-CD
    1x TM-50TR – the tuner with tuning analysis by KORG
    1x JUPITER Multi-Quinzi
    1x Saxophone fingering chart poster plus basic exercises.


    Tuning: Eb
    Neck: Brass, gold lacquer, with stopper and protective ring
    Body: brass, gold lacquer
    Key work: Brass, gold lacquer
    High F# key
    C# – Bb rocker
    Adjustable plastic thumb hook
    Adjustable stop felts in the key baskets
    Blue steel springs
    Easy to maintain, removable bell
    Adjustable side keys (Palm Keys)
    Adjustable G# and low-H keys
    Adjustment screw above the body octave key (for adjusting the middle A)
    PISONI pads DeLuxe with plastic resonators
    Separate adjustment screws for D, E, F, A, B
    Mouthpiece with reed screw and capsule
    JUPITER case Light JPKC55Q





    Alto Saxophone


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