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  • Alto Saxophone Henri SELMER Paris Supreme, black-gold

    Henri SELMER Paris SUPREME Alto Saxophone

    After 100 years of innovation, design and manufacture of saxophones, Henri SELMER Paris defines a new identity of the alto saxophone with the SUPREME. The model is characterised by perfectly balanced intonation, unlimited variable sound modulations and an easy response through all registers. The SUPREME transcends all musical genres and the possibilities in sound and projection make it a jewel that is both traditional and emphatically modern. The refinement and care in manufacturing and the complete overhaul of ergonomics promise a strong potential for fluency and playing pleasure.

    – Alto saxophone in Eb
    – black lacquer, keys gold lacquer with exclusive SUPREME engraving
    modern SUPREME case with backpack set
    – SELMER “Concept” mouthpiece
    – new bore and tone hole scale
    – completely optimised ergonomics
    – correction mechanism for intonation middle and high C#
    – concentric 3-point neck receiver
    – nickel silver neck clamping ring
    – directly coupled driver for right hand F#/F
    – octave mechanism with Teflon bearings
    – little finger mechanism, left hand with new joint lever
    – leather pads with special resonators without rivets
    – metal thumb rests for left and right hand
    – exclusive accessories



    Henri SELMER Paris


    Alto Saxophone




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