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  • Soprano Saxophone Henri SELMER Paris Super Action 80 II, silver-plated with engraving, mint condition

    Unfortunately, SELMER soprano saxophones are currently only delivered with a very long delay. As the current delivery time is 12-18 months, we are happy to be able to offer you this beautiful
    SELMER Super Action 80 II Soprano Saxophone in silver plated finish.

    The saxophone is 1st hand and has been played very little. It has a very beautiful engraving, which was made by hand at the SELMER factory in Mantes la Ville.

    Not only the look of this silver piece is beautiful, also tonally this Soprano shines wonderfully. At the core, its tones are pleasantly warm and surrounded by fine, noble overtones.

    A versatile soprano, whether for classical, jazz or pop, this silver-plated soprano sax supports your style!



    Henri SELMER Paris


    Soprano Saxophone




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