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  • Keilwerth Baritone Saxophone “Tone King”, low-A – 1st hand, top maintained

    This Keilwerth Baritone Saxophone was purchased new in 1974 by its first and only owner. The original proof of purchase is even still available! The professional musician mainly played Tenor Saxophone, so he did not use this Baritone Saxophone so often. And you can see that in this Bari Sax the beautiful dark lacquer is still predominantly present, the nickel plating on the mechanics and the key guards is still impeccable. Of course, there are traces of use since the Saxophone has indeed been played. There is no major damage, the bow with its reinforcement plate is still intact, which is rather rare in Baritone Saxophones. Also, the neck, upper arch and body are still in perfect shape, which indicates that this Keilwerth Toneking Bari never suffered a fall in its life.

    The Bari plays well and has a really full, voluminous tone. The pads are apparently still the original ones, but they work. If this Baritone Saxophone is played a lot with its future owner, a general overhaul should be carried out in the next few months. However, this is not absolutely necessary when used as a “now-and-then Sax.” We offer a general overhaul for this instrument with a 25% special discount on € 1,250 (€ 1,250 – 25% = € 937,50), valid for 1 year as of date of purchase.

    Solidly built, good-sounding Baritone Saxophone with low A – really good value for money!

    Price incl. case and original Keilwerth mouthpiece € 2,200.



    Baritone Saxophone




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