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  • ***Bargain*** Alto Saxophone SELMER Paris Supreme, silver-plated – like new

    The SELMER Supreme Alto Saxophone has only been around for about 1 1/2 years and the delivery situation at SELMER, Paris, as with many other production companies, is currently difficult. We currently have to wait about 8-16 months for SELMER Supremes! Even though we have planned well in advance, there are unfortunately supply bottlenecks due to the high demand! And the market for used SELMER Supremes is in fact not yet available.

    We are all the more pleased to be able to offer this bargain today: an absolutely new SELMER Supreme in silver-plated design! The Sax was bought from us by our customer last year, and as a second instrument next to his SELMER Mark VI has remained almost unused. Our customer has now chosen a very rare SELMER Tenor Saxophone from our Legendary Saxophones Collection and given us the Supreme in payment.

    The Saxophone is impeccable and can be described as new. The original accessories are of course included: Supreme case, Supreme cleaning cloth (unused), Supreme pull-through wiper (unused), SELMER Concept mouthpiece incl. silver-plated leaf screw and capsule.

    Original price (RRP) € 8.690 –
    Purchase price for this instrument: € 6.850– incl. 2 years warranty.



    Henri SELMER Paris


    Alto Saxophone




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